This iPhone Case Looks Just Like the Back to the Future Time Machine


We were supposed to have hoverboards and self-tying shoes by now. Even if Back to the Future II was pretty wrong about how tech would evolve by 2015, that doesn’t mean the actual signature gadget of the modern age, the iPhone, can’t get its own awesome Back to the Future accessory.

A new iPhone case by Japanese toymaker Bandai is shaped just like the DeLorean Marty McFly uses to travel between eras in the iconic sci-fi series. The mini-DeLorean features flashing blue lights and sideways wheels poised for takeoff. The iPhone 6 itself slots into the chassis of the vehicle, and the case features removable flaps covering the iPhone’s camera and volume control buttons. The accessory costs 5,940 yen (or about $50).

Check out Bandai’s ad for the new case above.

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