Do it 

Every single day has their own challenges and we learn to deal with it everyday. We only have to options learn the lesson or simply ignore what happened and repeat the same mistake over and over. 

Whatever you choose you only know the reasons behind of it. We are nobody to being judging others. But the only thing that I have in mind is that if you are making a mistake in your life do it right not like a mediocre asume every  single consequence in life, but just do it. 

Is the same about the outfits you choose in the morning or the night before depending of your routine. 

Take that risk and do it it will be just one day but at the end you will learned a lesson  and the decision you have made will lead you to the next step in that search of finding your style. 


Believe it 

During this week I’ve been working like crazy and also I have to say that I’ve been learning so many things about my job and about the people like I never imagine before.

That’s why I reaffirm my believe of  “if you love something really bad do it, enjoy it, its your passion” .

I have new friends, I have a new place due I recently moved (that’s something I will share in another post)  and I couldn’t be more amaze of what I’m living right now.
I have many dreams and I’m adding some extra things to my bucket list during all this process of learning. But my style is always improving and I’m sharing what I love due my new projects. And that’s my passion, I love look good and see how others looks thanks to the learning process that I share whit them.


So take that risk, be yourself and if  you want to do something do it! If is your passion share it with the world! That’s why I want to share this add from Diesel because describe exactly how I feel.

Unexpected things 

In life you may face situations or maybe desicions that could change everything you planned. 

But the things that are unexpected tend to be the most amazing things in your life. 

I’ve been enjoying one of the things that I wrote on my Bucket list. 

It was unexpected at the begging but I have enjoyed every single day of it. I have learned so much during this time that I more convinced every day that every step you make in your life will lead you to follow your most amazing dreams. 

Let’s do unexpected things that will lead us to live unexpected moments.