Are you doing enough? 

Yesterday I meet one friend of one of my friends. It was particularly fun due the situation that we experiment that night in a Cantina in Coyoacan downtown. The most impressive questions were that He told me “Who the hell are you?” “Why are you here?” “Do you really want to do Windows all your life?” Bum… that was a wake up call to me, and the he add “But I know you are not doing nothing…” 

That night I drank a little bit more than usual but I was pretty conscious about everything I heard in that talk. I was having the time of my life. 

So coming back to what He told me that night, i have a huge opportunity area I need to believe what I’m capable to do and where I want to be. 
Also I’m very aware that every single thing that I desire will requiere lots of effort and some things may look like a sacrifice but are not. And everything that I do or stop doing will get me closer or more far away from my dreams.


Consistency, lots of reading take new risks and and open mind to keep learning are the things that at the end will count to make my dreams come true. 

Do something more, something that distinguish you from the others and that will make the difference between be good or the best. 


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