A few will understand 

If I start to enlist the number of reasons why I choose to move to the city I may probably never end it.

But everything resumes to one single reason “I just love what I do and who I am when I do it”.

I don’t want to give the impression that is lack of humility Is just that i realize that I can continually learn more about what I love but also I’m very aware that I will be an expert and very best in the field if i keep doing what I came to do.

But at the end not everyone will understand it and I don’t want it it’s just a matter of personal desicion and a matter of personal development and how I define my own success.

I have experiment many changes during this months I’ve been able to do inimaginable things and be outside the box only to experiment  what I’m capable to do.

So I’m more confident about my desicions today than I was a year ago even if not every one understand it.



Wow seems like we have found that one of the most powerful items of the season are flannels. With an air of the 90’s this silhouette works amazing for everyone.

The assortment its kind of amazing. You will find it in your favorite color and it’s a perfect piece If you love layers. 

You can never go wrong with a pair of sneakers or ankle boots and your favorite pair of jeans. 


You can add some accessories for a preppy look. 

Frío frío

No, no es mi canción favorita de Juan Luis Guerra se trata más bien de que, para este frío que ya se siente en la tardecita, necesitamos andar así abrigaditos para no pescar un resfriadillo.
Por eso utilizar capas, es una gran opción. Un sweater delgado, playeras termales, chamarras o chalecos, son una súper opción para lograr un look así súper casual y effortless.

Los pantalones estilo chino se ven increíbles!!! Ideales para esta temporada. Y vienen en muchos cortes, desde skinny hasta estilo loose.



El calzado, puedes utilizar muchísimas opciones. Eso es lo increíble de este look.