Believe it

What’s the point of believe in something if you don’t trust in it? During this days I’ve been feeling kind of confused cuz’ maybe I’m facing many situations in my life and this question is all the time on my mind.

And I’m noticing this is causing a bigger effect in my daily life, usually my outfit every morning reflects how I’m feeling, more than once I’ve been choosing the same color like I have no choice. Kind of shocking don’t you think?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being a mess but also I didn’t think this is the best version of myself.

What am I missing here? I’m kind of clueless, just like the movie when Cher realizes she is in love of Jason, and everything seems like is having sense, I’m feeling like I’m not reaching that point yet, still clueless and honestly I think I’m exploring a new part of my, my style obviously but also is helping me to redefine myself again and rediscovering myself too.

A year ago my goals were very clear, I knew what I want and I was a 100 percent convinced that I will reached them, but some how was kind of a mystery, I was able to reflect that on my daily life and my style.

Now I’m wearing all the Time black clothes, black shoes, black bags, everything in different kind of materials and textures.

I can conclude one thing of all of this, black is elegance, is atemporal is classic but also classy.

Is this also the point where I will stop wearing pink and Barbie hoodies to start wearing like a classic city retailer girl?



I was asked last Saturday at dinner for "Luis", Claudia's date, "Can you tell me your experience since you arrived to the city?" In that moment my mind went black and I just smiled like not pretty sure about what answer I should give. Then I said, "It has been fun".

Sharing my experience since I arrived to the city could very complex. What can I say, I'm a girl and I'm crazy, yes I have issues like all the girls, but that craziness and all those issues have brought me where I'm standing and proud of it.
Doesn't being easy of course but I will describe it like a year of a lot learning.
Everyday I have to make new choices and evaluate how will affect my future my dreams of course and the people that is around me or the people I care and I love.
Most of the time I picture my self in a few years and I wonder if I see myself doing that. Sometimes the answer is "definitely yes" others is "no no no, I couldn't do that" and it couldn't be the smartest way to take a decision but it works for me.
Happens exactly when it comes about to choose the clothes that I'll be wearing the next day. For work, for appointments or dates, I need to picture myself and the impact that can have that outfit.
Yes I know, I'm crazy. But the point here is that it happens every day to everyone. The way you look doesn't matter where you go, is the way you feel and the way you want others see you.

I was reading an article of the Time magazine about resumes and caused in me a huge impact the phrase "Follow the New York Times test, says Bock, If you wouldn't want to see it on the home page of the NYT whit your name attached don't put it…" so applies to everything for me, clothes, of course resumes and picturing the result of the decisions you I have to make at work everyday.

So, What it says the home page of your life today?

Dream it 

Walkin’ the streets of the city with a friend and talkin’ about the time we arrived I realize that we are having big dreams the kind of dreams that scares you. But the most amazing of dreaming is that we want to create new things we want innovate and become pioneers of our passions. 

I can make my dreams coming true I know what I’m capable to do. And also in very aware that I will build the boundaries or I will destroy them. 

I’m starting new projects and putting all my passion in what I do to become an expert.

 I know where I want to be in a year and I will star to measure the success of the desicions that I made in a few months. 

All I can say is pursue it, every single actions and desicions you make is one more step that will lead you to your dreams. 

A few will understand 

If I start to enlist the number of reasons why I choose to move to the city I may probably never end it.

But everything resumes to one single reason “I just love what I do and who I am when I do it”.

I don’t want to give the impression that is lack of humility Is just that i realize that I can continually learn more about what I love but also I’m very aware that I will be an expert and very best in the field if i keep doing what I came to do.

But at the end not everyone will understand it and I don’t want it it’s just a matter of personal desicion and a matter of personal development and how I define my own success.

I have experiment many changes during this months I’ve been able to do inimaginable things and be outside the box only to experiment  what I’m capable to do.

So I’m more confident about my desicions today than I was a year ago even if not every one understand it.


Day 3

My challenge of the day consist practically in describe myself in one word. 

I not only express myself trough my way of dressing also by the way I am. 

I always say that accessories must be part of your outfit. I always wear one. 

In my life I will describe myself as a dreamer. An maybe that’s the reason why I’m always looking for that spark that may me feel that way like everything  it’s kind of a dream.

Shouldn’t be the same with out outfit everyday? 


Un si o un no puede cambiarlo todo, mas cuando se trata de cosas que pueden cambiarlo todo. 

Hace unos dias me encontré con un amigo que hace muchísimo tiempo que no veía. 

Me sentí feliz de ver como ha cambiado su vida desde la ultima vez que nos vimos y que hablamos. Me acorde de que, donde estar al inicio no era una opción como muy atractiva, se convirtió en el mejor lugar y la mejor desicion que tomo en su vida. 

Hace unos años hablábamos camino a donde nos habían asignado en Costa Rica, de la felicidad que nos traía estar en ese lugar y de lo que cada quien quería lograr después de esa experiencia. 

Por eso creo que, lo que te haga más feliz y ames lo debes hacer. Debes tomar desiciones que te acerquen mas a tus metas. 

El camino no va a ser nada fácil ni se dará de la noche a la mañana. Es mas, se requiere de mucha paciencia y arduo trabajo. Pero al final todo lo que hayas hecho y la pasión que le hayas puesto darán resultado. 


His style 

Resulta que conocí a un dude que le encanta el shopping, que ama las tendencias y siempre parece saber que ponerse. 

Es alguien que sabe vestirse y te gusta como añade a su Outfit esos detalles que hace que se vea increíble. No se donde compra todo lo demás, solo algunas prendas por que yo misma se las he pasado, pero lo cool de esto es que no le gusta alardear con las marcas. 

Será que algunos nacen con eso? 


En mi trabajo me doy cuenta de que algunos hombres, dejan que les sugieras y escuchan los pros y contras de una prenda. Claro siempre adaptando la prenda de temporada al estilo personal de cada uno de ellos. 

Pero hay otros que OMG son muchísimo más complicados! Y es que si nos gusta aunque luego no nos queden ya nos hayan dicho los Si y No de todos modos nos empeñamos en llevárnosla.  Creo que nos hace falta escuchar un poco mas, me incluyo por que luego siento que debi de haber escogido otro color u otro corte y shalala. 

Mas bien siendo un poco mas abiertos y con la práctica, ah y claro aprendiendo de esos pequeños no, tendremos como la habilidad de que, parezca algo natural. 

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Conocer, saber, aprender, llámalo como quieras, aveces solo es curiosidad.
Pero el hecho de haber aprendido algo, creo que tiene un propósito y es el hecho de poder compartirlo con los demás.
Tal vez no seas el mejor enseñando, pero si sabes que lo que conoces hará una diferencia, para que guardártelo no? Lo consideraría mas bien algo egoísta no hacerlo.
Solo habrá dos resultados cuando compartas lo que sabes o la experiencia vivida, aprovecharlo y lograr un cambio positivo, o simplemente escucharlo y dejar que nos pase de largo y no pase absolutamente nada.
Pero creo muchísimo en que si compartes algo, te va a cambiar.
Y todo esto es por que platicando con un amigo ayer, me hizo darme cuenta de que las cosas van cambiando poco a poco, van logrando cambios increíbles, nos hacen crecer, madurar y valorar mas lo que tenemos.
Así que, por que no poner nuestro granito de arena y empezamos a hacer algo en lugar de quejarnos.