I like it & I’ll take it

Today’s post is not only to share my personal experience or my taste in the things I like it. Is also to talk about a big lesson I learned this week. Let me start.

We all know and are aware about this huge trend in fashion street about the amazing earrings, to be more specific the fringe tassel earrings, I just love them and if I see a pair that I like it, i just simply take them with me.

As soon as I see a great pair, I just can picture the perfect outfit even the perfect pose to my Instagram account.

This amazing trend is one of my favorites because I’ve always believed that accessories can be an statement in our outfits.

I just get a couple of new additions to my collection and found them at ae.com and are just amazing for my.

I wear them when I want to use my hair in a ponytail or I just want to use a black outfit.

My favorite ones are the red ones or the pink ones, just made me felt so happy, because I really can wear them with almost everything that I have in my closet.

The black ones and also the green ones just make me feel more serious and stylish.

The great thing about this trend is that is pretty fun but is also really easy to wear.

Don’t be afraid to wear it, this is one of the fashion trends that helps you to be more bold and more fun, to show the real you and be the person with all the attention on the room.

It’s so fun and so good, that I really enjoy it and I think I would get use to it.

So if you like something can be an accessory or a dress or some shoes, doesn’t matter, get them, will make you feel happy and will make you feel amazing. So if you like it, remember, just take them.



I was asked last Saturday at dinner for "Luis", Claudia's date, "Can you tell me your experience since you arrived to the city?" In that moment my mind went black and I just smiled like not pretty sure about what answer I should give. Then I said, "It has been fun".

Sharing my experience since I arrived to the city could very complex. What can I say, I'm a girl and I'm crazy, yes I have issues like all the girls, but that craziness and all those issues have brought me where I'm standing and proud of it.
Doesn't being easy of course but I will describe it like a year of a lot learning.
Everyday I have to make new choices and evaluate how will affect my future my dreams of course and the people that is around me or the people I care and I love.
Most of the time I picture my self in a few years and I wonder if I see myself doing that. Sometimes the answer is "definitely yes" others is "no no no, I couldn't do that" and it couldn't be the smartest way to take a decision but it works for me.
Happens exactly when it comes about to choose the clothes that I'll be wearing the next day. For work, for appointments or dates, I need to picture myself and the impact that can have that outfit.
Yes I know, I'm crazy. But the point here is that it happens every day to everyone. The way you look doesn't matter where you go, is the way you feel and the way you want others see you.

I was reading an article of the Time magazine about resumes and caused in me a huge impact the phrase "Follow the New York Times test, says Bock, If you wouldn't want to see it on the home page of the NYT whit your name attached don't put it…" so applies to everything for me, clothes, of course resumes and picturing the result of the decisions you I have to make at work everyday.

So, What it says the home page of your life today?

Dream it 

Walkin’ the streets of the city with a friend and talkin’ about the time we arrived I realize that we are having big dreams the kind of dreams that scares you. But the most amazing of dreaming is that we want to create new things we want innovate and become pioneers of our passions. 

I can make my dreams coming true I know what I’m capable to do. And also in very aware that I will build the boundaries or I will destroy them. 

I’m starting new projects and putting all my passion in what I do to become an expert.

 I know where I want to be in a year and I will star to measure the success of the desicions that I made in a few months. 

All I can say is pursue it, every single actions and desicions you make is one more step that will lead you to your dreams. 

A few will understand 

If I start to enlist the number of reasons why I choose to move to the city I may probably never end it.

But everything resumes to one single reason “I just love what I do and who I am when I do it”.

I don’t want to give the impression that is lack of humility Is just that i realize that I can continually learn more about what I love but also I’m very aware that I will be an expert and very best in the field if i keep doing what I came to do.

But at the end not everyone will understand it and I don’t want it it’s just a matter of personal desicion and a matter of personal development and how I define my own success.

I have experiment many changes during this months I’ve been able to do inimaginable things and be outside the box only to experiment  what I’m capable to do.

So I’m more confident about my desicions today than I was a year ago even if not every one understand it.


Loving it

Hay pocas personas que pueden decir que disfrutan lo que hacen.
Hoy me di cuenta de que soy de esas pocas, si bien me late mucho mi trabajo, lo disfruto muchísimo cuando puedo desarrollarlo al 1000%.
Son esas ocaciones en las que vale la pena las desveladas, los tiempos extras, las malas caras de algunos, por qué totalmente te hace feliz ver tu trabajo súper bien hecho y finalizado. Siempre he creído que debes de amar lo que haces, entonces el dinero pasa a ser una cuestión secundaria, si bien todos trabajamos por que necesitamos un ingreso, lo mas importante es que te encante tu chamba.
Cada día que pasa, me propongo aprender algo nuevo, de perfeccionar alguna tarea.
Seriously cuantos de nosotros podemos decir eso?
Lo que creo y la idea del post de hoy es que, todos tenemos una inspiración algo que nos empuja a ser mejores y trabajar para alcanzar un objetivo, si en el camino encuentras que tus inspiraciones y tu objetivo van de la mano, exprime esos momentos, no los desaproveches, aprende mucho. Entonces los momentos priceless serán más frecuentes y las recompensas llegaran en su momento.




Imprescindiblemente mío

Aveces las personas, pocas veces entienden cuando algo te gusta tanto, que te hace feliz. Pueden ser detalles, acciones, lugares, comidas, etcétera.
El punto es que, a quien no le gusta sentirse así todo el tiempo?

Bueno hay prendas básicas, que así nos hacen sentir y que nos quedan a todas, no importa la complexión, los gustos o la edad siquiera.

Con detalles, liso, con mangas, sin mangas, largo, corto, ajustado, amplio, con escote, sin escote, cuello redondo, cuellos en v, bueno infinidad de detalles que puedes pedir y encontrar en este básico.

Pero, A que me refiero? Al little black dress. Es TU imprescindible que jamás, te va a quedar mal, que lo puedes utilizar a cualquier hora del día, en cualquier lugar, solo tienes que imprimirle tu estilo, ya sea con accesorios, blazers, collares, jackets, con tu cabello rizado, lacio, o una simple pony-tail, bueno como mas te guste.





No importa cuantas temporadas pasen, este basic, siempre lo encuentras donde quieres, como quieras en cualquier tienda. Y sabes, que te vas a ver bien!





Back to basics

Hay veces que las cosas simples y básicas, son por mucho nuestro mejor aliado en toooooodo.

Por eso, es súper importante que tengas algunas prendas, que sabes, que aunque les invertiste, te van a sacar del dilema o apuro de que ponerte.

En mis básicos, tengo unos jeans azul índigo, una t-shirt blanca, un pantalón negro, mis flats negros y una blusa negra.
Ojo, procura también no ponértelos diario, si no cual es el chiste de tenerlos como básicos.

Mis favoritos son los pantalones negros, por que los puedes combinar con todo lo que te imagines. Ya sean jeans, leggings, o solo de vestir, con lo que te los pongas, te vas a ver casual y también arreglada al mismo tiempo.