Dream it 

Walkin’ the streets of the city with a friend and talkin’ about the time we arrived I realize that we are having big dreams the kind of dreams that scares you. But the most amazing of dreaming is that we want to create new things we want innovate and become pioneers of our passions. 

I can make my dreams coming true I know what I’m capable to do. And also in very aware that I will build the boundaries or I will destroy them. 

I’m starting new projects and putting all my passion in what I do to become an expert.

 I know where I want to be in a year and I will star to measure the success of the desicions that I made in a few months. 

All I can say is pursue it, every single actions and desicions you make is one more step that will lead you to your dreams. 

A few will understand 

If I start to enlist the number of reasons why I choose to move to the city I may probably never end it.

But everything resumes to one single reason “I just love what I do and who I am when I do it”.

I don’t want to give the impression that is lack of humility Is just that i realize that I can continually learn more about what I love but also I’m very aware that I will be an expert and very best in the field if i keep doing what I came to do.

But at the end not everyone will understand it and I don’t want it it’s just a matter of personal desicion and a matter of personal development and how I define my own success.

I have experiment many changes during this months I’ve been able to do inimaginable things and be outside the box only to experiment  what I’m capable to do.

So I’m more confident about my desicions today than I was a year ago even if not every one understand it.


Unexpected things 

In life you may face situations or maybe desicions that could change everything you planned. 

But the things that are unexpected tend to be the most amazing things in your life. 

I’ve been enjoying one of the things that I wrote on my Bucket list. 

It was unexpected at the begging but I have enjoyed every single day of it. I have learned so much during this time that I more convinced every day that every step you make in your life will lead you to follow your most amazing dreams. 

Let’s do unexpected things that will lead us to live unexpected moments. 


This post is more to share the reason why I truly enjoy the city. 

One of the most important things that I value is learning. I’ve learn that you have the power to choose whatever you may want to become. Are you choosing being a visionary or just another human in the history. 

I went to the museum Arte Moderno with one of my best friends. What can I say I only know  that, 

Knowledge is power. 

And learn something new every single day brings you a wonderful joy and an amazing power. 

And I learned that you must to be opened to embrace change but also to stick to it when you truly believe it. 


Day 5 

“Keep your own essence”. Talking with a friend about the many challenges and mostly changes that we have faced this three months we agree that we don’t want to loose our essence.

I mean not only because you are in a different place you are going to be someone different.

The same with the way we choose our outfit every single day we love our own style and we enjoy to others see it.

That’s why the outfit of the day is inspired by “our own essence”.

Day 4 

“When comfort meets style” I know this may sounds kind of trill but it is true. 

I love feel sexy with what I’m wearing. But sometimes I used to sacrifice my comfortably vs style. And that is not something that I loved. 

But in the process I’ve learned that I don’t have to choose btw this two I know I can be sexy and feel comfortable at the same time.  

So my outfit of this day is inspired in being just yourself. Hope you like it guys. 

Day 3

My challenge of the day consist practically in describe myself in one word. 

I not only express myself trough my way of dressing also by the way I am. 

I always say that accessories must be part of your outfit. I always wear one. 

In my life I will describe myself as a dreamer. An maybe that’s the reason why I’m always looking for that spark that may me feel that way like everything  it’s kind of a dream.

Shouldn’t be the same with out outfit everyday? 

Day 2 

Let me share you my toughs about this outfit. 

I was kind of insecure when I choose this top at the begging. I was afraid that I just love it too much that I couldn’t match it with the items I own. Silly I know I wasn’t following my own advice when I went shopping. 

The biggest surprise was when I choose my bottom everything looked so good. Maybe the best and smarter decisions that I’ve made since I arrived to the city #dramaqueen. 

Please let me know what you think! 

The Outfit Challenge Day 1 

img_0456Lately I’ve been thinking about the  new kind of style I’ve adopted in the city.

This is not similar to the inner grown that we experiment with the years.  This is more like an evolution of what we are and how we improve it every single day.

So I decided start a challenge that must reflect how I feel trough my outfit.

The most important rule and the main essence is:

My outfit will speak by itself. 
Please feel free to share your thoughts down below.